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Servicios Frigoríficos

At Pescados Moncho, S.L. we usually commercialize fish and fresh seafood, although cephalopods like octopus, squid, humboldt squid and baby squid too. You can see a list with some of our products accwessing to the Products section.

Our activity includes preserving, manipulation, storage and direct distribution of our products.

The fish is a basic nourishment for a healthy and well-balanced diet, because it has a low caloric value and it provides us with a large protein value, that turns it into a food which should not be lacking in our day to day.

The seafood is considered in the most cultures of the world as a great delicacy, although furthermore the pleasure of eating it, provides us with plenty of large protein source as well, and though it has a great amount of vitamins, in which case it should not be missing in a healthy and well-balanced diet.

The cephalopods have a muscular and flexible body, so they offer a geat versatility on cooking time. Those provide us with a large protein value too.

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